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Hello - me again!

I've noticed quite a few visitors from a little further afield lately - the US and Britain mainly.  G'day from Australia!

Thought I should post a couple of 'Aussie' pics amongst the cards so have been searching through my old holiday snaps to see what I could come up with. 

We are in Melbourne (in the south east of mainland Australia.)  Here is a shot with the city and Arts Centre Spire in the background.  This was when the Commonwealth Games were being held and the fish displays you can just see there on the Yarra River were part of the festivities.


Thought I should find some of our unique animals too.  Here is one I found of Hannah and a kangaroo (or perhaps a wallaby - can't quite tell, they look alike!) Don't you love her binoculars! Plus another below that with a koala.



And this is the only beach shot I could find in a hurry today.  Taken when we were on visiting the coastal town of Portland (to the west of Melbourne, not far before you get to South Australia.)  It was a chilly morning.  Nice for a brisk walk along the beach.


Anyway that is just a little scenery snippet there from the photo collection.   Hello to anyone taking a peek from across the seas!  Its a small world really isn't it.

Take care,  Sue


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