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Being creative, using different craft materials and experimenting with new techniqes gives me a buzz. The sight of racks of coloured cardstock gets the heart racing ...shelves of coordinating scrapbook accessories ... a new edition of my favourite scrapbooking magazine .... the house to myself for an hour to create!

Yep - I love crafts. I think one of the reasons I love creating cards or scrapbook pages is that you work on a project for a time then its finished. And tomorrow and next week it will still be there finished. (Unlike the dishes or dinner or laundry or ....... you get the idea!)

Actually I have to confess that if I have half an hour spare with kids asleep or amusing themselves (or watching Playschool!) and face a choice between mopping or doing 'just one more page in this scrapbook' or 'just a quick card' or even 'just a quick lap around my favourite online craft sites - then mopping generally loses.
Which is why I usually need a bit of notice before visitors call in. OK sometimes about a week's notice!

But in the last few years I've amassed a good collection of scrapbooks which celebrate many of the special, ordinary, day to day moments which are otherwise relegated to my unreliable memory, a growing stack of personal, made with love cards to send to near and dear, and a comfortable lived in sort of house (that has the added bonus of helping the kids develop good immune systems! - I hope that theory turns out to be based in science.) Plus I am a much happier wife and mum when I spend some time in my space to create on hobbies I love.


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