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January 01, 2011



Happy New Year Sue from all of us to all of you .... yes the fireworks were spectacular - how cool that you can watch them from your home - happy decluttering and I look forward to seeing your scrapboking :)

Annette Therik

Hi Sue, Your post made me smile as I too am in a decluttering frenzy...the kitchen has been degrimed, the pantry cleaned and reorganised, the fluff and grit (lots of it)cleaned from under the fridge, dishwasher and washing machine, the ensuite removed of all 1/2 used and old toiletries ( i even put drawer organisers into the drawers to keep them tidy) and all the old clothes have gone to the op shop. Oh yeah and Nadya's toys are now happily organised into new boxes under her bed. Now it's time to move on to the garage and the card room!! It's amazing what can be achieved when you have time on your hands!! ...Happy New Year. xx

Jean Fitch

Happy New Year Sue! Loved this post...brought out lots of smiles. Reminds me that I have to work on my own list of resolutions. So far I've come up with a list for my cat Wicket but I don't think she's interested in changing her life at all this year - lol!

I was checking an Australian map and was so relieved to see that you were out of the path of the flooding up north of you.

Hugs from a very chilly Oregon - Jean

Chris H

Hi Sue! Hope your de-cluttering is going along beautifully! Isn't it a lovely feeling to be organised? Your photos are gorgeous!

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