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October 26, 2010



Love the layout!

Bec Gomez

That is brilliant! I love all the pics of the kids - SO cute! Jack is adorable with that mask of concentration on. Fantastic Sue!

Sue Bayliss

Great layout, you are so lucky to have such wonderful little helpers in the kitchen


Was a bit surprised at how well Jack used a knife but now I see why. Lot's of practice. Lot's of fun too. They will be the Junior Masterchef's one of these days.

Amanda Hill

love your page Sue, and WOW Hannah looks like you in the middle of the left page.

Tina G

Fantastic! Love the way you've fit in so many photos without it looking cluttered.


Putting an egg glaze on a pie is a very important job ... hence the look -good on you Jck. Love that you have filled the page with so many photos ... brilliant layout and great to see you scrapbooking again


Looks like a fun cooking session. Love the photos you have captured and love the layouts.

Christine Blain

Love this layout, Sue - such great memories to capture of your beautiful kids. I love the little touches, with the ribbon and the date.

Anne-Marie Stephanides

What a great layout Sue... i love how you despite there being a lot of photos, they dont look cramped and each one has 'room to breath' if that makes sense? The photos take me back to my days sitting on telephone books at yiayia's(grandma's)table helping to prepare meals .. i'm so grateful now to have learnt how to cook all those yummy things!


Fabulous to see you scrapbooking again Sue and I couldn't agree more about getting the memories down on paper. You have done a fab job getting all these pictures down on your page. I love it!

Judy May

Gorgeous layouts Sue - wonderful memories captured. I love how you included so many photos in different sizes and shapes.

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